Accelerating Team Performance

The Origins

“Raise your words, not your voice.

It is rain that grows flowers,

not thunder.”

Rumi, ancient poet.


The Origins

Having grown up in the states and enjoyed a supportive world of competitive debate; a world where arguments and negotiations were played like professional sports, I (Steph) often thought there’s something missing in Australian workplace teams.

Rarely had I been in or coached a team that embraced discourse as a tool to overcome challenges. In great leadership teams there is always healthy debate. Passions come alive and disputes are safely settled before they even impact employees.

Rarely do teams engage in the same conversational contests that spark better outcomes than were thought possible going in. For the most we’re a polite nation of professionals or we are at the whim at those who over dominate team conversations.

I needed a way to interject team behaviours, to amplify safety around and to teach them to support each other through tough times. After a few fumbling attempts of mediating opposing arguments and collaboration workshops I’d had enough of mediocrity and wanted a game that put EVERYONE in a team in a role of accountability that was VISIBLE, ITERATIVE and gave immediate FEEDBACK.

It' was time to grow up teams and the answer became team up and debate.

Inspired by the crew, the agile culture, my in-depth experience crowd coaching team of teams and an inspirational walk in the park - LeanDebate was born.

Stephanie BySouth.




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